Sentence Examples with the word Berger

Since Pithou's edition in 1596 Phaedrus has been often edited and translated; among the editions may be mentioned those of Burmann (1718 and 1727), Bentley (1726), Schwabe (1806), Berger de Xivrey (1830), Orelli (1832), Eyssenhardt (1867), L.

Philippe Berger (Paris, 1891, 2nd ed.

Bravely defended by the Austrian general Berger until the 1st of July 1849, it was then captured by the Hungarian rebels, who made it their headquarters during the latter part of the insurrection.

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It can be proved, at any rate, that several of the names are 1 Printed in Berger de Xivrey, Traditions Teratologiques (1836), from a MS. in private hands.

Was undertaken by Elie Berger (1881 et seq.), and those of Alexander IV.

See Berger de Xivrey, Lettres missives de Henri IV.