Sentence Examples with the word Berenice

In the neighbourhood of Berenice are the emerald mines of Zabara and Saket.

Magas before his death had betrothed his daughter Berenice to the son of his brother Ptolemy II.

The Ptolemies continued to send fleets annually from their Red Sea ports of Berenice and Myos Hormus to Arabia, as well as to ports on the coasts of Africa and India.

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The name of Berenice in compliment to his wife.

He killed Berenice and, dying in 51, bequeathed the kingdom to his eldest son, aged ten years, who was to take as wife his sister Cleopatra, aged seventeen.

It was before him and his sister Berenice (B.2) that St Paul pleaded his cause at Caesarea (Acts xxvi.).

It owed its early prosperity to its easy access to the sea, and to the fact that natural conditions in Cyrenaica and the Sahara behind it, tend to divert trade to the west of the district - a fact which is exemplified by the final survival of Berenice (mod.

About 250 peace was concluded between Antiochus and Ptolemy II., Antiochus repudiating his wife Laodice and marrying Ptolemy's daughter Berenice, but by 246 Antiochus had left Berenice and her infant son in Antioch to live again with Laodice in Asia Minor.

From Berenice on the Red Sea a land-route struck across to the Nile at Coptos; this route the kings furnished with watering stations.

Philadelphus gave his daughter Berenice with a great dowry to Antiochus II.