Sentence Examples with the word Berber

The relief of the Egyptian garrisons was successfully accomplished, and Gordon visited the provinces of Berber and Dongola, whence he had again to return to the Abyssinian frontier to treat with King John.

The race was also influenced considerably by intermarriage with the natives of Spain, and when the Moors were finally expelled from that country they had become almost entirely distinct from their Berber kinsfolk, to whom they were known as Andalusians.

The Arab is a herdsman and a nomad; the Berber is an agriculturist and a townsman.

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His fervent faith in the doctrines of Islam was unquestioned, and his ultimate failure was due in considerable measure to the refusal of the Kabyles, Berber mountain tribes whose Mahommedanism is somewhat loosely held, to make common cause with the Arabs against the French.

This marked type of the Leonese of modern times represents a Berber colony cut off among the Christians, and christianized at an early date, who went on using Arab and Berber names long after their conversion.

A spear used by the Kaffir tribes; a word adopted from the Portuguese, but of Berber origin.

In Bornu (q.v.) the population consists of (1) Berberi or Kanuri, the ruling race, containing a mixture of Berber and negro blood, with many lesser indigenous tribes; (2) so-called Arabs, and (3) Fula.

On the I3th of March Lord Granville gave full power to General Gordon to evacuate Khartum and save that garrison by conducting it himself to Berber without delay, and expressed a hope that he would not resign his commission.

Resemblances have been observed in the grammatical structure of the Berber and Cushite groups with Semitic (cf.

Of the history of the Berber tribes and of the kingdoms founded by that race in North Africa.