Sentence Examples with the word Bent

Marconi also showed that if such a bent receiving antenna was used the greatest oscillations were created in it when its insulated end pointed directly away from the sending station.

At another time, hearing Plato's definition of a man--a biped without feathers--and that one exhibited a cock plucked and called it Plato's man, he thought it an important difference that the knees bent the wrong way.

Again he bent his head and his lips questioned hers gently at first, and then with more emotion when she responded.

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Zherkov and the staff officer bent over their saddles and turned their horses away.

Marconi, however, gave in 1906 the first really practical solution of the problem by the use of bent transmitting and receiving antennae.

The three corresponding new sails were now bent and reefed, and a storm-trysail was set further aft; so that the ship soon went through the water with some precision again; and the course--for the present, East-south-east--which he was to steer, if practicable, was once more given to the helmsman.

His account of the process of knowledge in his logical treatises exhibits the idealistic bent in its clearest form.

His gaze was roving, and his air distracted even as he bent to give Hannah a kiss on the cheek.

Gawain, however, belonged to the pre-Christian stage of Grail tradition, and it is not surprising that writers, bent on spiritual edification, found him somewhat of a stumbling-block.

Jackson now determined to make Van Buren president in 1836, and bent all his energies to that end.