Sentence Examples with the word Benson

But above all else he was a great ecclesiastic. He paid less attention to secular politics than Archbishop Tait; but if a man is to be judged by the effect of his work, it is Benson and not Tait who should be described as a great statesman.

JOSEPH BENSON FORAKER (1846-), American political leader, was born near Rainsboro, Highland county, Ohio, on the 5th of July 1846.

Bernard, Archbishop Benson in Ireland (1897); Sir L.

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His eldest son, Arthur Christopher Benson (b.

EDWARD WHITE BENSON (1829-1896), archbishop of Canterbury, was born on the 4th of July 1829, at Birmingham.

To such work Benson at once devoted himself; and did more perhaps than any other man to reinvigorate cathedral life in England.

C. Benson (1887); Wm.

This Anglican mission was promoted by Archbishop Tait, and finally established by Archbishop Benson in 1886.

Sir Benson Maxwell British and Mr Clifford Lloyd, who had been sent out to nd native reform the departments of justice and the interior, officials.

C. Benson on the results of English secondary classical education, From a College Window, 3rd ed., 1906, pp. 154-177).