Sentence Examples with the word Benin

From the south or left bank of the Benin the Forcados mouth of the Niger can be reached by the Nana creek.

North-north-east of the mouth of the Benin river, has a special interest as the place where Giovanni Belzoni, the explorer of Egyptian antiquities, died in 1823 when starting on an expedition to Timbuktu.

Phillips, acting consul-general, and eight Europeans were brutally massacred on the road from Gwato to Benin city, whilst on a mission to the king.

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Boisragon, The Benin Massacre (London, 1897); R.

On the 17th of February Benin was occupied after considerable fighting.

Phillips had persisted in starting for Benin despite the repeated request of the king.

The religion and mythology of the Beni, like those of the Yorubas, are based on spiritand ancestor-worship (see Negro and Africa: Ethnology); the chief spirit or juju was worshipped with human sacrifices to an appalling extent, the Benin fetish being considered the most powerful in all West Africa.

Illorin is a great trading centre, Hausa caravans bringing goods from central Africa, and merchandise from the coasts of the Mediterranean, which is distributed from Illorin to Dahomey, Benin and the Lagos hinterland, while from the Guinea coast the trade is in the hands of the Yoruba and comes chiefly through Lagos.

The operations were completely successful and the Benin country was added to the protectorate (see Benin).

The Benin influence does not seem to have reached east of the Forcados mouth of the Niger.