Sentence Examples with the word Benign

He didn't understand the significance of the seemingly benign keypads.

Peace and prosperity gradually weakened the benign rule of the kings of this dynasty, and during the reign of the last but one internecine war was rife between the chiefs and nobles of U and Tsang.

His attempt to reorganize the finances by the systematic levy of taxes was hailed with delight, but the government was not strong enough to carry the measures through, and the money which should have been used to pay the taxes was employed to purchase firearms. Thus the benign intentions of Mulai Abdel-Aziz were interpreted as weakness, and Europeans were accused of having spoiled the sultan and of being desirous of spoiling the country.

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Stuart's face, however, with its calm and benign expression, has fixed the popular notion of Washington.

Throughout the meal, Giddon was amiable, keeping his questions and comments to benign things like the weather and geography.

The divine object of the adoration of the Saktas, then, is Siva's wife - the Devi (goddess), Mahadevi (great goddess), or Jagan-mata (mother of the world) - in one or other of her numerous forms, benign or terrible.

But it forms an epoch in administrative reform, and in the benign process by which the hearts of a subject population are won over to venerate as well as obey their alien rulers.