Sentence Examples with the word Bengal

Dalton, The Ethnology of Bengal (1872); Sir W.

Colonel Goddard with a Bengal army marched across the breadth of the peninsula from the valley of the Ganges to the western sea, and achieved almost without a blow the conquest of Gujarat.

As a member of the council of Madras he helped to defend the city against the French in 1759, and in July 1760 he went to Bengal as president of the council and governor of Fort William.

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During the time of his administration a famine in Lower Bengal in 1874 was successfully obviated by government relief and public works, though at an enormous cost; the gaekwar of Baroda was dethroned in 1875 for misgovernment and disloyalty, while his dominions were continued to a nominated child of the family; and the prince of Wales (Edward VII.) visited the country in the cold season of 1875-1876.

Isolated mutinies in Bengal were succeeded by much more serious events at Cawnpore in Oudh, and at Meerut in the North-West Provinces.

About two dozen ugly-looking species inhabit rivers and estuaries from Bengal to Australia.

Colonel Monson, two third-rate politicians of considerable parliamentary influence; Philip Francis, then only known as an able permanent official; and Barwell, of the Bengal Civil Service.

At the comparatively remote epoch when the Deccan was a forest tract, they were probably also met with there, but the swamps of the Bengal Sundarbans appear unsuited to their habits.

Orissa embraces the rich deltas of the Mahanadi and the neighbouring rivers, bounded by the Bay of Bengal on the S.E., and walled in on the N.W.

Educated at Winchester, he obtained a cadetship in the Bengal infantry in 1842, and served through the second Burmese War.