Sentence Examples with the word Bene

Ubi bene subegeris, defingito, coquitoque sub testu.

Manus mortariumque bene lavato.

AUGUSTA BAGIENNORUM, the chief town of the Ligurian tribe of the Bagienni, probably identical with the modern Bene Vagienna, on the upper course of the Tanaro, about 35 m.

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Recently a mission has been sent to the Falashas of Abyssinia, and much interest has been felt in such outlying branches of the Jewish people as the Black Jews of Cochin and the Bene Israel community of Bombay.

Some officials hold their offices ad vitam aut culpam or dum bene se gesserunt, others can be dismissed at any time and without reason assigned and without compensation.

The ancient royal tenants became the feudatories of the great nobles, and fell naturally into two classes, the nobiles bene possessionati, and the nobiles unius sessionis, in other words the richer and the poorer gentry.

Another specimen of his wit is furnished by the following epigram of the five reasons for drinking: Si bene quid memini, causae sunt quinque bibendi; Hospitis adventus, praesens sitis atque futura, Ant vini bonitas, aut quaelibet altera causa.