Sentence Examples with the word Bends

Long., where it bends northwards to the Caribbean Sea.

It is about an inch and a quarter long, and in the middle of the gland it bends forward forming an angle (see fig.

Once more the chain bends to the north-west, rising in several lofty peaks (the highest is the Aiguille de la Grande Sassiere, 12,323 ft.), before attaining the considerable depression of the Little St Bernard Pass.

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With wrought iron pipes bends may be arranged, as shown in fig.

The point of this gold indicator bends over the edge of the case, round which are set eleven raised points--the stem forms the twelfth.

In its middle course the Daua has cut a deep narrowvalley through the plain; lower down it bends N.E.

After passing through four tunnels the road bends north (leaving the Guiers Mort which flows past St Pierre de Chartreuse), and the valley soon opens to form the upland hollow in which are the buildings of the convent.

It then bends north-east for 150 m.

On Lake Erie, on the east where the Delaware river with two large bends separates it from New York and New Jersey, and in the south-east where the arc of a circle which was described with a 12-m.

The Garonne rises in the valley of Aran (Spanish Pyrenees), enters France near Bagnres-de-Luchon, has first a north-west course, then bends to the north-east, and soon resumes its first direction.