Sentence Examples with the word Belly

Neck carrying a long, lean, clean head covered with white, hard, but not wiry hair, free from wool, long highset ears and a black muzzle; back broad and muscular, belly well covered with wool; legs clean, and a fleece of long white wavy wool, arranged in characteristic locks or pirls.

Besides, if the dairy went belly up, it would please Josh too much.

In embalming their dead the Egyptians filled the cavity of the belly with every sort of spicery except frankincense (Herod.

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The heat of his body sank through her clothes, and the idea of his hot skin pressed to hers made her lower belly burn.

The feathers of the head and neck, except on the crown and nape, where they are dark brown, are dingy white, and those of the body ash-coloured tinged with brown, while on the breast they are brownish-black, and on the belly and thighs white.

Her pink shorts were slung below a belly that topped her husband's in grandeur.

The belly full of food made her drowsy.

The scent of oak and amber and his calming presence eased some of her tension while filling her lower belly with fire.

She gasped at the intensity that turned her lower belly into a furnace and swept through her, making her achingly aware of his scent, the heat and smoothness of his skin, the size of his body and the hot mouth pressed against her neck.

The female organ is essentially a flask-shaped structure; the neck of the flask growing out as the trichogyne, and the belly composed of an axial carpogenic cell surrounded by investing cells, and with one cell (trichophoric) between it and the trichogyne.