Sentence Examples with the word Bello

This criticism is not applicable to his works on antiquarian subjects, and his edition of Benedetto Accolti's De bello a Christianis contra barbaros (1623) has great merits.

II ad fin.; Jordanes, De origine actibusque Getarum, cap. 3; Procopius, De bello gothico, ii.

Of the Monumenta of a Vita Lulli, Lullus, archbishop of Mainz, being the founder of the abbey of Hersfeld; and of a Carmen de bello Saxonico.

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In 1808 appeared his treatise Del bello ragionamenti, dedicated in glowing terms to Napoleon.

Essays (not published till 1846) on the lighter and more popular subjects, Del bello and Del buono, followed the Introduzione.

In conjunction with his brother Leonardo, he wrote in Latin a history of the first crusade, entitled De Bello a Christianis contra Barbaros gesto pro Christi Sepulchro et Judaea recuperandis libri tres (Venice, 1432, translated into Italian, 1543, and into French, 1620), which, though itself of little interest, is said to have furnished Tasso with the historic basis for his Jerusalem Delivered.

In 1303 Lodovicus de Bello Monte, prebendary of Salisbury, obtained a grant of a Saturday market at the manor of Caine, and a three days' fair at the feast of St Mary Magdalene; the latter was only abandoned in the 19th century.

Columbus in 1502 coasted along from Almirante Bay to Porto Bello Bay, where he planted a colony (Nombre de Dios) in November; the Indians destroyed it almost immediately; it was re-established in 1510, by Diego de Nicuessa, governor of the newly established province of Castilla del Oro, which included what is now Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.

AuTHORITIEs.Caesar, De bello Gallico, especially i.

He became a lawyer, probably at Constantinople, and was in 527 appointed secretary and legal adviser to Belisarius, who was proceeding to command the imperial army in the war against the Persians (De bello persico i.