Sentence Examples with the word Belied

His voice had an edge that belied the smile on his lips.

Peter was glad enough to get a man so famous for his talents and energy, but Patkul speedily belied his reputation.

The tick in his jaw belied how tightly his teeth were clamped.

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This impartial severity was a foretaste of Kuprili's rule, which was characterized throughout by a vigour which belied the expectations based upon his advanced years, and by a ruthlessness which in time grew to be almost blood-lust.

In the earlier part of his reign he gave proofs of decision and vigour, which were belied by his subsequent conduct.

That opportunity came when Basil died in 1533, leaving as successor a child only three years old, and the chances seemed all on the side of the nobles; but the result belied the current expectations, for the child came to be known in history as Ivan the Terrible, and died half a century later in the full enjoyment of unlimited autocratic power.

His expression was nothing if not amiable, yet there was a twinkle in his eyes that belied the surface calm.

At the ceremonial functions were placed wholly in the backgroundseemed to argue an intention of ruling personally under the advice of the court camarilla.- This I impression, due doubtless to the kings extreme youth and inexperience, was belied in.

The deep set blue eyes held a smile that belied his solemn expression.

She glanced up sharply, but his terse tone and sober expression were belied by the twinkle in those gray-green eyes.