Sentence Examples with the word Beheaded

In that year it was surrendered to the Etruscans and recovered by the Romans, who beheaded the authors of its surrender.

He seized and beheaded Lord Saye, the treasurer, and several other unpopular persons, and thight have continued his dictatorship for some time if the Kentish mob that follawed him bad not fallen to general pillage and arson.

A trading station called Georgetown is situated on McCarthy's Island, so named after Sir Charles McCarthy, the governor of Sierra Leone, who in 1824 was captured and beheaded by the Ashanti at the battle of Essamako.

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Antigonus, whom the Parthians had set upon his throne, was beheaded by his Roman allies (37 B.C.).

Fearing that the little court of the Inca Tupac Amaru -(who had succeeded his brother Sayri Tupac) might become a focus of rebellion, he seized the young prince, and unjustly beheaded the last of the Incas in the square of Cuzco in the year 1571.

Accused him of treachery, and he took refuge with Charles the Bold, duke of Burgundy; but the duke handed him over to the king and he was beheaded in 1475.

Donauwdrth grew up in the course of the I ith and 12th centuries under the protection of the castle of Mangoldstein, became in the 13th a seat of the duke of Upper Bavaria, who, however, soon withdrew to Munich to escape from the manes of his wife Maria of Brabant, whom he had there beheaded on an unfounded suspicion of infidelity.

On the 21st of September 1567 sentence of degradation and death was passed on him and sixteen others, ambassadors from Florence vainly kneeling to the pope for some mitigation, and on the 1st of October he was publicly beheaded and then burned.

The city was taken on the 29th of November, and after its capture Gordon had a serious dispute with Li Hung Chang, as the latter had beheaded certain of the rebel leaders whose lives the former had promised to spare if they surrendered.

Vasco Nunez was beheaded in 1517 by Pedrarias de Avila, who was sent out to supersede him.