Sentence Examples with the word Behaved

P. 173) that the increase of the total heat of a saturated vapour between any two temperatures should be equal to the specific heat S of the vapour at constant pressure multiplied by the difference of temperature, provided that the saturated vapour behaved as an ideal gas, and that its specific heat was independent of the pressure and temperature.

After a fierce and stubborn struggle in which the Germans behaved with great valour, the Royalists were completely victorious, though they left 2000 men on the field; Lincoln, Schwartz and Fitzgerald with 4000 of their followers were killed, and Lovell and Broughton disappeared never to be heard of again.

Her long reign had not lacked intelligence and even greatness; she alone, amid all these princes, warped by self-indulgence or weakened by discord, had behaved like a statesman, and she alone understood the obligations of the government she had inherited.

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Duke Richard behaved in the most correct fashion, Wales.

The only young people remaining in the drawing room, not counting the young lady visitor and the countess' eldest daughter (who was four years older than her sister and behaved already like a grown-up person), were Nicholas and Sonya, the niece.

During the six years which preceded his deposition in 1091, El Motamid behaved with valour on the field, but with much meanness and political folly.

His army was mainly composed of militiamen, who behaved very badly, and his papers having been captured in a boat, his plans were revealed.

If attacked, however, in a competent manner, they would not stand; and afterwards, in conflict with the British, whole masses of them behaved in a dastardly manner.

The Spaniards in the centre behaved very ill, and no victory was gained.

The idea was that it would be great to make machines that behaved like us and, through that, we could harness their abilities.