Sentence Examples with the word Begum

In his case the ancestral hoards were under the control of his mother, the begum of Oudh, into whose hands they had been allowed to pass at the time when Hastings was powerless in council.

The begum was charged with having abetted Chait Sing in his rebellion; and after the severest pressure applied to herself and her attendant eunuchs, a fine of more than a million sterling was exacted from her.

The state was confiscated for rebellion in 1857, but in 1860 was restored to Raja Anand Rao Punwar, then a minor, with the exception of the detached district of Bairusia, which was granted to the begum of Bhopal.

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The Martiniere was captured on the 9th of March and the Begum Kothi on the 11th.

Hodson was killed on the iith of March 1858 in the attack on the Begum Kotee at Lucknow.

The throne has descended in the female line since 1844, when Sikandar Begum became ruler.