Sentence Examples with the word Begged

He begged the countess to obtain a secret interview for him with the queen, and a meeting took place in August 1784 in a grove in the garden at Versailles between him and a lady whom the cardinal believed to be the queen herself.

In 1703 the Irish parliament begged for a legislative union, but as that would have involved at least partial free trade the English monopolists prevented it.

Jonathan begged Alex for the key and ran ahead of them.

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Her father asked her to come home, but she begged to remain.

He got up the courage and asked me out but when I begged off he acted so devastated I felt like a heel.

But he was stopped on the way by a portly sperm whale, that begged a few moments' confidential business with him.

Having begged for quarter First and surrendered, they were immediately stripped nearly massacre naked, and about fifty were slaughtered on the spot; of the and about the same number were dragged away, with Mame- every brutal aggravation of their pitiful condition, to U es.

When Jesus bade them go forth, he begged that they might be allowed to enter into a herd of swine which was hard by.

As early as 1238 Gregory IX., in his bull Quoniam abundavit iniquitas, condemned and denounced as forgers (tanquam falsarios) all who begged or preached in a habit resembling that of the mendicant orders, and this condemnation was repeated by him or his successors.

Touched that this statuesque princess could so change, Pierre took her hand and begged her forgiveness, without knowing what for.