Sentence Examples with the word Bee

The little triungulins escape on to the body of the bee or wasp; then those that are to survive must leave their host for a non-parasitized insect.

The important part played by the bee in the economy of nature as a fertilizer is shown in fig.

All that is accessible to man is the relation of the life of the bee to other manifestations of life.

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The advantage to the fly of its deceptive resemblance to the bee is theoretically perfectly evident and practically can be demonstrated by experiment.

It may be safely said that the value of the bee to the fruit-grower and the market-gardener has been proved beyond dispute; and the technical instruction now afforded by county councils in the rural districts of England has an appreciable effect.

In this manner the bee became associated with the Napoleonic legend just as the lilies were with the Bourbons.

As illustrative examples of the form of wings alluded to, those of the beetle, bee and fly may be cited - the pinions in those insects acting as helices, or twisted levers, and ' Revue des tours scientifiques de la France et del' Etranger, 1869.

Poets, philosophers, historians and naturalists (among whom may be mentioned Virgil, Aristotle, Cicero and Pliny) have eulogized the bee as unique among insects, endowed by nature with wondrous gifts beneficial to mankind in a greater degree than any other creature of the insect world.

Fabre has found that in the nests of some species of Osmia the young bee developed in the first-formed cell, if (as often happens) she emerges from her cocoon before the inmates of the later cells, will try to work her way round these or to bite a lateral hole through the bramble shoot; should she fail to do this, she will wait for the emergence of her sisters and not make her escape at the price of injury to them.

A few cases, the parasitic bee grub devours not only the food-supply, but also the larva of its host.