Sentence Examples with the word Bede

Other historical works of Bede are the History of the Abbots (of Wearmouth and Jarrow), and the lives of Cuthbert in verse and prose.

The next king was Ceolwulf, to whom Bede dedicated his Historia Ecclesiastica in 731.

By this Bede has justly earned the title of the Father of English History.

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The settlers of Kent are described by Bede as Jutes, and there are traces in Kentish custom of differences from the other.

It is with Jarrow that Bede is chiefly associated, though no doubt from the close connexion of the two localities he would often be at Wearmouth.

The story of their fate is not entered under 21st October in the martyrology of Bede (ob.

According to Bede she took the veil in 614, when Oswio was king of Northumbria and Aidan bishop of Lindisfarne, and spent a year in East Anglia, where her sister Hereswith had married ZEthelhere, who was to succeed his brother Anna, the reigning king.

Suspicion likewise attaches to the name Cerdic, which seems to be Welsh, while we learn from Bede that the Isle of Wight, together with part at least of the Hampshire coast, was colonized by Jutes, who apparently had a kingdom distinct from that of Wessex.

The terms used for the two classes by Bede are milites (ministri) and comites, for which the Anglo-Saxon version has Pegnas and gesi 5as respectively.

Of its origin and early history we have no record except the bare statement of Bede that its settlers were of the Old Saxon race.