Sentence Examples with the word Bed And Breakfast

It took many days of mountain sunshine and the comforting routine of the bed and breakfast to blur the trauma of the Lucky Pup shooting.

She drove to the bed and breakfast instead, where the friendly woman who rented rooms had left the back door open for her.

With nothing but her troubled thoughts, the cold rain, and a lonely room in the bed and breakfast down the road, she didn't feel like leaving just yet.

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I've chased more bad guys running Bird Song bed and breakfast than when I was a Parkside, Pennsylvania police detective.

Go to the bed and breakfast and wait for me.

Only when they reached the small bed and breakfast that was their destination did she cease practicing her magic.

The bed and breakfast had a full complement of guests for the first time in this, their second season, the domestic help opening seemed about to be filled, the weather was beautiful, the flowers were blooming and David Dean's campaign for sheriff looked promising.

Staying at the bed and breakfast was a dramatic change of scene for Martha from Aunt Janet's cigarette stained trailer.

David and Cynthia Dean, now husband and wife, and owners of Bird Song, a bed and breakfast in Ouray, Colorado, were seated in the Tundra Room of the recently restored Beaumont Hotel.