Sentence Examples with the word Beck

He controlled all the lands from the Elbe to the Pyrenees, and had Spain and Italy at his beck and call.

This, and allied alkaloids, have formed the subject of many investigations by Wyndham Dunstan and his pupils in England, and by Martin Freund and Paul Beck in Berlin.

He had an elastic conscience which was always at the beck and call of his desire, and he cared little for principle.

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They are figured and their importance for the first time recognized in the memoir on the muscular and skeletal systems of Limulus and Scorpio by Lankester, Beck and Bourne (4).

Show that they had planned rebellion as well as mere escape, and both were put to death with some of their beck and accomplices.

The Germans thereupon paralyzed the Prague Diet by means of obstruction, upon which the Czech members of the Beck Cabinet left it, and the prime minister, seeing himself abandoned by both Germans and Czechs, resigned on Nov.

There are at least two German translations of The Decline and Fall, one by Wenck, Schreiter and Beck (1805-1807), and a second by Johann C. Sporschil (1837, new ed.

CHRISTIAN DANIEL BECK (1757-1832), German philologist, historian, theologian and antiquarian, one of the most learned men of his time, was born at Leipzig on the 22nd of January 1 757.

JAKOB SIGISMUND BECK (1761-1840), German philosopher, was born at Danzig in 1761.

Shortly before this Beck had introduced yet another bill dealing with industrial insurance, to supplement the already existing sickness and accident insurance.