Sentence Examples with the word Bec

In and after the middle of that century the Norman monastery of Bec flourished under the rule of Lanfranc and Anselm, both of whom had begun their career in northern Italy, and closed it at Canterbury.

But in 1142 he embraced the monastic profession in the newly founded house of Bec. Until 1145 he lived at Bec in absolute seclusion.

Under his rule Bec became the first seat of learning in Europe, a result due not more to his intellectual powers than to the great moral influence of his noble character and kindly discipline.

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Aiguille de Tour Mont Gele Bec de Luseney.

According to Domesday, Streatham included several manors, two of which, Tooting and Balham (to follow the modern nomenclature), belonged to the abbot of St Mary de Bec in Normandy.

The carbide BeC 2 is formed when beryllia and sugar charcoal are heated together in the electric furnace.

One of several public grounds in the neighbourhood of Streatham is called Tooting Bec Common.

On the Puy-de-Sancy, a mountain of the department of Puy-de-Dome, and flowing to the Garonne with which it unites at Bec d'Ambes to form the Gironde estuary.

The Board has asylums for the insane at Tooting Bec (Wandsworth), Ealing (for children); King's Langley, Hertfordshire; Caterham, Surrey; and Darenth, Kent.

It passed to the monks of Bec in Normandy, who in 1246 obtained the grant of an annual fair at the feast of the Nativity of the Virgin, and the next year of a market every Tuesday.