Sentence Examples with the word Beautified

He extended and beautified the mansion.

The earl was a great gambler, but he was wealthy enough also to spend money on improving his house at Althorp, which he beautified both within and without.

The festival which had been beautified by Peisistratus was made still more imposing under the rule of Pericles.

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Constantine the Great, who generally resided here from 306 to 331, and his successors also, beautified the city with public works, and villas arose upon the hill-sides.

His gaunt features were beautified by an expression of singular force and benevolence.

While lacking the artistic tastes of the Valois, Henry beautified Paris, building the great gallery of the Louvre, finishing the Tuileries, building the Pont Neuf, the Hotel-de-Ville and the Place Royale.

But the spirit in which Emerson conceived the laws of life, reverenced them and lived them out, was the Puritan spirit, elevated, enlarged and beautified by the poetic temperament.

Each generation hands it on beautified to the next; each has done something to give utterance to the universal thought.

Before the Crimean War of 1853-56 Sevastopol was a wellbuilt city, beautified by gardens, and had 43,000 inhabitants; but at the end of the siege it had not more than fourteen buildings which had not been badly injured.

Wolsey beautified the mansion and kept high state there, but on his disgrace Henry VIII.