Sentence Examples with the word Beaumont

In 1906 Wentworth Blackett Beaumont (1829-1907), the head of a family well known in the north of England, was created Baron Allendale.

I'm not sure I do, but I saw you leave The Beaumont Hotel with Dickinson Faust.

The Deans drove the short distance to the Beaumont to pick up their guest, who was standing outside at the curb waiting for them.

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The Neches river from Beaumont to its mouth has a depth of not less than 19 ft.; from its mouth extends a canal (9 ft.

After the sinking of oil wells in 1901, Beaumont became one of the principal oil-producing places in the United States; its oil refineries are connected by pipe lines with the surrounding oil fields, and two 6-in.

He passed the recently restored Beaumont Hotel, a beautiful structure that after several decades of disuse and deterioration had finally been returned to its past glory.

The front, and by June 14 he had achieved almost the impossible itself; for there, at Solre, Beaumont and Philippeville, lay his mass of men, 124,000 strong, concentrated under his hand without rousing the enemy's suspicions, and ready to march across the frontier at dawn.

Dean swung by the Beaumont Hotel and dropped off Jennifer Radisson's camera, not unhappy to be rid of the reminder of the prior evening.

The city is the seat of Harrodsburg Academy, Beaumont College for women (1894; founded as Daughters' College in 1856); and Wayman College (African M.E.) for negroes.

De Beaumont (CEuvres completes de Tocqueville, 9 vols., 1860-1865).