Sentence Examples with the word Beaufort

Three genera of fossil fishes, Cleithrolepis, Semionotus and Ceratodus, ascend from the Beaufort series into the Cave Sandstone.

The Gamka rises in the Nieuwveld not far from Beaufort West, traverses the Great Karroo from north to south, and forces a passage through the Zwarteberg.

The cardinal was old, his, nephews John and Edmund Beaufort were incompetent, Suffolk, though a man of noble character, was tactless.

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With the Beaufort series this occupies over twothirds of the western portion of the province and has wide outcrops in Zululand and in the Vryheid districts.

The fluctuating influence of each party with the king was marked by the passing of the chancellorship from Arundel to Henry Beaufort and back again during the five years of Henrys illness.

Humphrey of Gloucester died in February 1447, within a few days of his arrest, and six weeks later Cardinal Beaufort died also.

But during the regency, after Henry VI.'s accession, Beaufort was successful, and in 1426 became cardinal and legate.

Chicheley also incurred the papal wrath by opposing the system of papal provision which diverted patronage from English to Italian hands, but the immediate occasion was to prevent the introduction of the bulls making Beaufort a cardinal.

Humphrey of Gloucester and Cardinal Beaufort both died early in 1447.

But his home administration was unpopular, whilst the incapacity of Edmund Beaufort ended in the loss of all Normandy and Guienne.