Sentence Examples with the word Beatrice

Mary Beatrice of Este was chosen partly on the ground of her known religious zeal, but also because of her beauty.

State penal and charitable institutions include soldiers' and sailors' homes at Grand Island and Milford, an Institute for the Blind at Nebraska City (1875), an Institute for the Deaf and Dumb at Omaha (1867), an Institute for Feeble Minded Youth at Beatrice (1885), an Industrial School for Juvenile Delinquents (boys) at Kearney (1879), a Girls' Industrial School at Geneva (1881), an Industrial Home at Milford (1887) for unfortunate and homeless girls guilty of a first offence, asylums or hospitals for the insane at Lincoln (1869), Norfolk (1886) and Hastings (1887), an Orthopedic Hospital (1905) for crippled, ruptured and deformed children and a state penitentiary (1867), both at Lincoln.

Rowntree's Poverty, Sidney and Beatrice Webb's History of Trade Unionism and Industrial Democracy, and Dr Arthur Shadwell's Industrial Efficiency (1906).

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His disciples believe that in time the world will reverence Comte's sentiment about Clotilde de Vaux, as it reveres Dante's adoration of Beatrice - a parallel that Comte himself was the first to hit upon.

In January 1491 a double Sforza-Este marriage (Ludovico Sforza himself with Beatrice d'Este, Alfonso d'Este with Anna Sforza the sister of Gian Galeazzo) again called forth his powers as a masque and pageantmaster.

In comedy her favourite roles were Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing, and Donna Diana in the Polish translation of an old Spanish play of that name.

Guerrazzi's novel, Beatrice Cenci (Milan, 1872), more trustworthy.

Two more children had been born to the royal pair, Prince Leopold (duke of Albany) on the 7th of April 1853, and on the 14th of April 1857 their last child, the princess Beatrice (Princess Henry of Battenberg), bringing the royal family up to nine - four sons and five daughters.

Deep) and at Beatrice (1260 ft.) are notable in this regard.

His harsh treatment of his daughter Beatrice was probably due to his discovery that she had had an illegitimate child as the result of an intrigue with one of his stewards (A.