Sentence Examples with the word Bayous

Oxbow lakes and bayous are common only in the Delta.

Some of the levees, especially those in swampy regions where outlet bayous are closed, are of extraordinary solidity and dimensions, being 20 to 40 ft.

There are a number of swamps and bayous in the eastern part.

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The equable temperature is largely the effect of the network of bays, bayous and lakes, and throughout the state the climate is materially influenced by the prevailing southerly winds from the Gulf of Mexico.

Slight ridges along the streams and bayous which traverse it, and occasional patches of slightly elevated prairie, relieve in a measure the monotonous expanse.

In the operations for the capture of Vicksburg in 1863 unsuccessful attempts were made in February and March by Porter's vessels to penetrate through connecting streams and bayous to the Yazoo river and reach the right rear of the Confederate defences on the bluffs.

Many bayous are convertible by improvement into excellent drainage and irrigation canals.

High, or even more, across streams or bayous - formerly outlets - with bases of 8 or 10 ft.