Sentence Examples with the word Bayard

See Bayard Tuckerman, Life of General Philip Schuyler (New York, 1903).

Passarge, Fahrten in Schweden, besonders in Nordschweden and Lappland (Berlin, 1897); Bayard Taylor, Northern Travel (London, 1858); E.

The former were led by Leisler, the latter by Peter Schuyler (1657-1724), Nicholas Bayard (c. 1644-1707), Stephen van Cortlandt (1643-1700),William Nicolls (16 57-- 1723) and other representatives of the aristocratic Hudson Valley families.

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See Bayard Tuckerman, William Jay and the Constitutional Movement for the Abolition of Slavery (New York, 1893).

Shaw's Golden Dreams (London, 1851); Bayard Taylor's Eldorado (2 vols., New York, 1850); W.

Assumed the title of king of Naples than Ferdinand set about despoiling him of it, and despite the bravery of a Bayard and a -Louis dArs, Louis XII., being also betrayed by the pope, lost Naples for good in 1504.

Col Bayard (La Mure to Gap), carriage road Col de la Croix Haute (Grenoble to Veynes and Gap), rail way line over 3,829 4.

Curtis, Bayard Taylor, Theodore D.

He served first as a private archer and man-at-arms in Italy, with Bayard for his captain, fought all through the wars of Francis I., and was knighted on the field of Cerisoles (1544), to which victory he had brilliantly contributed as adviser to the young duke of Enghien.

He is Roland and Bayard in one.