Sentence Examples with the word Baxter

The Bishop of Worcester's Letter to a friend for Vindication of himself from the Calumnies of Mr Richard Baxter (London, 1662).

After Baxter had been a year in office Brooks received a judgment of ouster against him from a state circuit judge, and got possession of the public buildings (April 1874).

Richard Baxter thought him a good man who fell before a great temptation.

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More recent estimates of Baxter are those given by John Tulloch in his English Puritanism and its Leaders, and by Dean Stanley in his address at the inauguration of the statue to Baxter at Kidderminster (see Macmillan's Magazine, xxxii.

Substantially he held fast the Calvinism of his preceptor Cameron; but, like Richard Baxter in England, by his breadth and charity he exposed himself to all manner of misconstruction.

Perhaps no thinker has exerted so great an influence upon nonconformity as Baxter has done, and that not in one direction only, but in every form of development, doctrinal, ecclesiastical and practical.

Lastly Baxter attempted to prove that matter is finite.

Elisha Baxter (1827-1899) was the regular Republican candidate for governor in 1872.

The mittimus was pronounced illegal and irregular, and Baxter procured a habeas corpus in the court of common pleas.

P. Baxter and Hines (Jour.