Sentence Examples with the word Battling

Things a man battling for his planet neither had time for nor needed.

Brady chewed back a retort about how this particular army-type had been battling insurgents to reach them on the Peak.

Two of the children were mock battling while the three younger ones watched and cheered.

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The world continued in its delayed movement, and they turned to watch the battling duo.

Her first instinct was to run back to the shadow world, but she had a hard time looking away from the two hideous creatures battling it out in Hannah.s home.

The battling immortals had nearly destroyed the human world in pursuit of one another.

Birds flitted from tree to tree, chirping at each other and battling over the best roosting sights.

He always believed there to be nothing more frightening than being sealed underground, until he saw the small woman battling for her life.

My father was the White God, the deity charged with safeguarding good and battling evil on behalf of all the creatures of the universe.

Justin glanced at Megan, never battling an eye.