Sentence Examples with the word Battled

Whatever were his qualities as a fighter, the Cid was but indifferent material out of which to make a saint, - a man who battled against Christian and against Moslem with equal zeal, who burnt churches and mosques with equal zest, who ravaged, plundered and slew as much for a livelihood as for any patriotic or religious purpose, and was in truth almost as much of a Mussulman as a Christian in his habits and his character.

Danes and Swedes battled for the possession of the Sound and for its heavy dues.

They battled with great vigor and exaggeration to the cheering of the three younger boys until one turned and noticed her.

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The two fanged figures battled until one lifted the other and cracked its back over its knee.

Donning a heavy coat and some rubber boots that she found in the entry closet, she battled the storm to the shed.

She battled a wave of panic and felt drained as the feeling abated.

He had guided wagon trains across Indian Territory and battled the Cheyenne.

The Japanese soldiers who battled the German soldiers must have wondered why they were fighting.

The men battled with speed and agility that left her breathless.

Immortals and death-dealers battled the remaining demons at the warehouse-sized storage facility where the demons had been gathering the human dead.