Sentence Examples with the word Battista

Many other churches, and the picture gallery (Galleria Martinengo), contain fine works of the painters of the Brescian school, Alessandro Bonvicino (generally known as Moretto), Girolamo Romanino and Moretto's pupil, Giovanni Battista Moroni.

Giovanni Battista is a good baroque edifice of 1617; by it stands a fine 13th-century campanile.

Florence had had other sons of comprehensive genius, artistic and mechanical, Leon Battista Alberti perhaps the chief.

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The first practical step towards the development of the camera obscura seems to have been made by the famous painter and architect, Leon Battista Alberti, in 1437, contemporaneously with the invention of printing.

Sigismondo entrusted the execution of his plans to Leo Battista Alberti, who had to encase in a shell of classic architecture a 13th-century Franciscan church.

Maria della Purita has frescoes by Giovanni Battista and Domenico Tiepolo.

GIOVANNI BATTISTA BELZONI (1778-1823), Italian explorer of Egyptian antiquities, was born at Padua in 1778.

GIOVANNI BATTISTA BROCCHI (1772-1826), Italian mineralogist and geologist, was born at Bassano on the 18th of February 1772.

GIOVANNI BATTISTA MARTINI (1706-1784), Italian musician, was born at Bologna on the 24th of April 1706.

We now come to Giovanni Battista della Porta, whose account of the camera obscura in the first edition of the Magia Naturalis, in four books (1558, lib.