Sentence Examples with the word Bat

To meet these peculiarities the insect, bird and bat are furnished with extensive flying surfaces in the shape of wings, which they apply with singular velocity and power to the air, as levers of the third order.

At cricket he was equally good as a bat and as a wicket-keeper.

As already stated, however, it ought never to be forgotten that even the lightest insect, bird or bat is vastly heavier than the air, and that no fixed relation exists between the weight of body and expanse of wing in any of the orders.

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They kept Logan's baseball gear there, and she felt the sudden need to have a bat in her hands.

Told 'em what I paid for the merchandise and they didn't bat an eyebrow.

Bats also are very numerous, especially in the eastern forest region, where the vampire bat is a serious obstacle to permanent settlement.

There are ten species of bat (komori) and seven of insect-eaters, and prominent in this class are the mole (mugura) and the hedgehog (hari-nezumi).

In Australia, a woman was told not to go near a certain tree where a bat lived; she infringed the prohibition, the bat fluttered out, and men died.

She sends you to Hell, and you go to bat for her.

The comparatively few indigenous placental mammals, besides the dingo or wild dog - which, however, may have come from the islands north of this continent - are of the bat tribe and of the rodent or rat tribe.