Sentence Examples with the word Basutos

The Basutos think that crocodiles can devour the shadow of a man cast on the surface of water.

In the Sovereignty difficulties arose in defining the reserves of the native chiefs, and with the Basutos there were armed conflicts.

Barkly, Among Boers and Basutos (new ed., London, 1897), a record, chiefly, of the Gun War of 1880-1882; C. W.

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From Mont aux Sources, table-shaped, and called by the Basutos Potong (Antelope), a second range of mountains, the Maluti, runs S.W.

Considerable trouble was caused by the emigrant Boers on either side of the Orange river, where the new corners, the Basutos and other Kaffir tribes, Bushmen and Griquas contended for mastery.

In 1880 the colonial authorities endeavoured to extend to Basutoland the Peace Preservation Act of 1878, under which a general disarmament of the Basutos was attempted.

Its difficulties with the Basutos were at last composed, and Moshesh and his people were in 1868 definitely taken under British protection.

In the same year the disputes between the Basutos and the Boers culminated in open war.

His stronghold was taken after very severe fighting by a colonial force, but, their defeat notwithstanding, the Basutos remained in a restless and aggressive condition for several years.

The vast majority of the natives are Zulu (see Kaffirs), but there is a settlement of some 2000 Basutos in the Nqutu district.