Sentence Examples with the word Basse

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The opposition in the two colonies to Basse became so formidable that he was removed in 1699 and Hamilton was reappointed.

The attempt Hood made in January 1782 to save them from capture, with 22 ships to 29, was not successful, but the series of bold movements by which he first turned the French out of their anchorage at the Basse Terre of St Kitts, and then beat off the attacks of the enemy, were the most brilliant things done by any British admiral during the war.

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Carcassonne is divided by the river Aude into two distinct towns, the Ville Basse and the Cite, which are connected by two bridges, one modern, the other dating from the 13th century.

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Andrew Hamilton Jeremiah Basse Andrew Hamilton Governors of West Jersey and their Deputies.