Sentence Examples with the word Basic

It is not infrequently found in serpentine, and in basic eruptive rocks, where it occurs as veins and in amygdales.

It is certain, however, that most obsidians are very acid or rhyolitic. The dark, semiopaque glassy forms of the basic igneous rocks are known as tachylytes.

Dusty wasn't sure how Pierre ever made it through the Guardian basic training with his lip.

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He had a few basic instructions, but said it would last seven to ten days with or without antibiotics.

The increased importance of Germany and Luxemburg may be referred in large part to the invention of the basic Bessemer and open-hearth processes by Thomas, who by them gave an inestimable value to the phosphoric ores of these countries.

Most of the elements combine with oxygen in several proportions, for example nitrogen has five oxides: N 2 0, NO, N 2 0 3, NO 2, N205; for classificatory purposes, however, it is advantageous to assign a typical oxide to each element, which, in general, is the highest having a basic or acid character.

Glasser, the basic igneous rocks which are associated with the mineral deposits of New Caledonia were intrusive in Cainozoic times, at the severing of the connexion between New Caledonia and New Zealand.

It is a monobasic acid, forming one normal and two acid potassium salts, and basic salts with iron, aluminium, lead and copper.

And Bulgaria, by evading at the last moment an obligation that was not merely part of a military scheme but was included in the basic political treaty of Feb.

The ferric and aluminium sulphates present are thus converted into insoluble basic salts, and the residue yields manganous sulphate when extracted with water.