Sentence Examples with the word Bashan

In the later history Bashan became remarkable as a refuge for outlaws and robbers, a character it still retains.

II) are regarded as suggestive of legend; to say nothing of the lateness of all the documents relating to the wars of Og, and the remoteness of Bashan from the regions of the Israelites' wandering.

Porter, Five Years in Damascus (2 vols., 1855); The Giant Cities of Bashan (out of date, but some of the descriptions good, 1865); J.

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One of the cities of refuge, Golan, was in Bashan (Deut.

The story, however, had so firm a hold on Hebrew tradition that it can hardly fail to have some basis in fact; and an invasion by Israel of Bashan before coming to Jordan is by no means an improbability.

The boundaries of Bashan may to some extent be deduced from the indications afforded in the earlier historical books.

This fact somewhat weakens the various identifications that have been proposed for the cities of Bashan enumerated by name.