Sentence Examples with the word Basement

The building consisted of five parts - a basement or podium, a pteron or enclosure of columns, a pyramid, a pedestal and a chariot group. The basement, covering an area of 114 ft.

As soon as Howie emerged from the basement we all hurried into the living room and stood around, expectantly.

Now, for prudent, most wise, and economic reasons, the blacksmith's shop was in the basement of his dwelling, but with a separate entrance to it; so that always had the young and loving healthy wife listened with no unhappy nervousness, but with vigorous pleasure, to the stout ringing of her young-armed old husband's hammer; whose reverberations, muffled by passing through the floors and walls, came up to her, not unsweetly, in her nursery; and so, to stout Labor's iron lullaby, the blacksmith's infants were rocked to slumber.

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All the temples above described, except that ascribed to Hercules, which was approached by steps on all four sides, agree in being raised on an elevated podium or basement - an arrangement usual with all similar buildings of Roman date.

The basement storey has the same number of faces formed into convex flutes which are alternately angular and semicircular.

His voice was quiet and confident, and she felt like a visitor in his throne room rather than a woman talking to a stranger chained to her basement wall.

Katie, take Toby and the healer to the basement with the warriors.

B, Basement membrane.

He Traveled to the basement lab and perched next to Toni on a stool at a table bearing something that should've made him lose his appetite.

Gabriel knew how sensitive the crypt in the basement was.