Sentence Examples with the word Basel

The volume of theological tracts, again recast, was declined by two Basel publishers, Jean Frellon (at Calvin's instance) and Marrinus, but an edition Beza incorrectly makes Servetus the challenger, and the date 1534.

Moreover, the redemption of the railways by the statecontracts for which had been signed by Sella in 1875 on behalf of the Minghetti cabinet with Rothschild at Basel and with the Austrian government at Viennahad been fiercely opposed by the Left, although its members were for the most part convinced of the utility of the operation.

It extends along the right bank of the Rhine from Basel to Kehl, and includes the principal peaks of the southern Black Forest and the Freiburg valley.

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There is in the museum at Basel a wood-block of St Jerome executed by him and elaborately signed on the back with his name.

Worked through the Moravian and Basel societies until 1862, when it began independent work and concentrated on the Tamil population of South India.

The Tractatus consolatorius pro morte amici and the Liber de eruditione filiorurn regalium (dedicated to Queen Margaret) were printed at Basel in December 1480.

In the museum is a fine collection of works of art by Holbein (who lived in Basel from 1528 to 1531), while the historical museum (in the old Franciscan church) contains many treasures, and among them the fragments of the famous Dance of Death, wrongly attributed to Holbein.

Zwingli was a humanist, a type abhorred of Luther; and he was far more ready for the polite Erasmian society of Basel than for a monastery.

Finally, in 1447 Frederick III., king of the Romans, after negotiations with Eugenius, commanded the burgomaster of Basel not to allow the presence of the council any longer in the imperial city.

This gave the princes an excuse for the theory that the decrees of Constance and Basel were still in force, limiting the papal prerogatives in all respects not noticed in the concordat.