Sentence Examples with the word Baruch

Since the book of Baruch (named after Jeremiah's scribe) is now recognized to be considerably later (probably after the destruction of Jerusalem A.D.

Though the original work was dependent on the Apocalypse of Baruch it cannot have been written much before the close of the 1st cent.

It is noteworthy that these mistranslations are for the most part found in Jeremiah - a fact which has rightly drawn scholars to the conclusion that we owe the LXX of Baruch i.-iii.

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The note may therefore be taken to refer either to the portion translated by the last or fifth hand, or to the whole of the Old Testament up to Baruch iii.

He also edited a collected small edition of Baruch Spinoza's works (1802-1803), a collection of the most noted Eastern travels (1792-1803), F.

According to the Apocalypse of Baruch (xl.

Democrat and Greenback1883-1885Russell Alexander Alger Republican1885-1887Cyrus Gray Luce1887-1891Edwin Baruch Winans Democrat1891-1893John T.

The best editions of the book are Kneucker's Das Buch Baruch (1879); Gifford's in the Speaker's A poc. ii.

The Book of Baruch was never accepted as canonical by the Palestinian Jews (Baba Batra, 4 b), though the Apostolic Constitutions, v.

The translation of the Old Testament as far as Baruch iii.