Sentence Examples with the word Bartered

There was no longer the least hesitation over the choice between liberty with danger and subjection with safety; men sought and found in vassalage the right to live, and willingly bartered away their liberty for it.

The first English settlers on the Atlantic bartered lead of domestic origin with the Indians in the 17th century, and so did the French in the upper Mississippi Valley.

Not only had barrels of beef and bread been given away to make room for the far more valuable sperm, but additional supplemental casks had been bartered for, from the ships she had met; and these were stowed along the deck, and in the captain's and officers' state-rooms.

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When they, the immediate successors of Plato, rejected their master's ontology and proposed to themselves as ends mere classificatory sciences which with him had been means, they bartered their hope of philosophic certainty for the tentative and provisional results of scientific experience.

The second soul bartered for in private was flat out missing.

Deidre had bartered for Darkyn to remove the tumor and to do so without pain.

If she hadn't bartered for a painless existence, she'd be trying to kill herself to get away from him.

Tourists and locals alike bartered with vendors, and he entered a tiny silver shop, where he sensed the Immortal he sought.

They took a quantity of goods on trust, visited the tribes in the forest, and bartered for ivory, rubber and other produce.

Never mind that they bartered over his love like some sort of prize to be won at a fair.