Sentence Examples with the word Barter

Yet, as has been already said, he showed his consciousness of the fallacy of his claim by offering to barter it again and again during the course of the war for land or money.

The giving of cattle in the latter case is generally referred to as a barter and sale of the bride, from which indeed it is not easily distinguishable.

But barter must have prevailed much longer.

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As is common throughout Malayan lands, the trade of North Borneo is largely in the hands of Chinese shopkeepers who send their agents inland to attend the Tamus (Malay, temu, to meet) or fairs, which are the recognized scenes of barter between the natives of the interior and those of the coast.

Contract of sale or barter with warranty could be dissolved for fraud, provided action was taken within a limited time after the fraud had become known.

A valuable product is a species of clam, the shell of which furnishes a specially iridescent mothero'-pearl, which the natives barter with the Japanese for inlaying lacquer.

A very rude barter exists between tribes of the same group in regard to articles not locally obtainable.

In return Edward raised a claim to the throne of France, not that he had any serious intention of pressing it for throughout his reign he always showed himself ready to barter it away in return for sufficient territorial gains but because such a claim was in several ways a useful asset to him both in war and in diplomacy.

The solidarity of clan and fine in their respective spheres, the provisions of the system, the simple rural life, and the prevalence of barter and payments in kind, left comparatively little occasion for contracts between individuals.

Grimly, he realized he should've taken up Wynn's first offer to barter for the secret.