Sentence Examples with the word Barra

Long by 12 broad), and opposite on the north bank is Barra Point, the river being here contracted to 21 m.

On Barra Head, the highest point of Berneray, and also the most southerly point of the outer Hebrides chain, is a lighthouse 680 ft.

Of the capital, Conceicao da Barra (municipality, 5628), the port of Sao Matheus and Cachoeira do Itapemirim (4049), an important commercial centre in the south.

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St Mary's Isle was acquired in 1806; McCarthy's Isle was bought in 1823; the Ceded Mile was granted by the king of Barra in 1826; and British Kommbo between 1840 and 1855.

Olhao has a good harbour at the head of the Barra Nova, a deep channel among the sandy islands which fringe the coast.

Albreda, a small port on the north bank of the river, of some historic interest (see below), is in the Barra district.

The total length of this group, from Barra Head to the Butt of Lewis, is 130 m., the breadth varying from less than 1 m.