Sentence Examples with the word Baron

GEORGE STEPHEN MOUNTSTEPHEN, Baron (1829-), Canadian financier, was born on the 5th of June 1829 at Dufftown, Banffshire, Scotland, the son of William Stephen and Elspeth Smith.

But in 1756, when the government was evidently approaching its fall, an unexpected vacancy occurred in the chief justiceship of the king's bench, and he claimed the office, being at the same time raised to the peerage as Baron Mansfield.

On the 29th of September Cardinal Ant onelli further apprised Baron Blanc that he was about to issue drafts for the monthly payment of the 50,000 crowns inscribed in the pontifical budget for the maintenance of the pope, the Sacred College, the apostolic palaces and the papal guards.

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On Dec. 27 1912 Cuvaj was replaced by a colourless official, Dr. Unkelhausser, who marked time until a fresh candidate for the post of commissary or dictator was forthcoming in the person of Baron Skerlecz (July 23 1913).

Kallay retained this position until his death on the 13th of July 1903, when he was succeeded by Baron Stephan Burian de Rajecz.

Lord John Russell and Lord Palmerston were naturally jealous of the prince's interference - and of King Leopold's and Baron Stockmar's - in state affairs; but Lord Melbourne took the common-sense view that a husband will control his wife whether people wish it or not.

He married in 1915 Beatrice Venetia, youngest daughter of the 4th Baron Sheffield.

The duke's only survi ing son, Peregrine (1659-1729), who became znd duke of Leeds on his father's death, had been a member of the House of Lords as Baron Osborne since 1690, but he is better known as a naval officer; in this service he attained the rank of a vice-admiral.

In 1578 he was created baron of Clogher and earl of Clanconnell for life; but on the outbreak of rebellion in Munster his attitude again became menacing, and for the next few years he continued to intrigue against the English authorities.

CONSTANTIN ETTINGSHAUSEN, BARON VON (1826-1897), Austrian geologist and botanist, was born in Vienna on the 16th of June 1826.