Sentence Examples with the word Barnett

Carmen Barnett curled up on the window seat and watched from the bay window as the sun cast its first rays on the farmstead below.

Mr Barnett did much to discourage outdoor relief, as tending to the pauperization of the neighbourhood.

Mr and Mrs Barnett worked hard for the poor of their parish, opening evening schools for adults, providing them with music and reasonable entertainment, and serving on the board of guardians and on the managing committees of schools.

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That's what Mr. Barnett said.

They were happy with each other, and whatever Destiny might have been born, she was a Barnett now.

Mr. Barnett was a good father.

In 1844 an article by Mr Barnett in the Nineteenth Century discussed the question of university settlements.

SAMUEL AUGUSTUS BARNETT (1844-), English clergyman and social reformer, was born at Bristol on the 8th of February 1844, the son of Francis Augustus Barnett, an iron manufacturer.

To Arnold Toynbee may be given the credit of leading the way in this direction, and the Hall which Canon Barnett established (in 1885) to his memory in the east end of London was the first material embodiment of the movement.

John Bright, M.P., by George Barnett Smith, 2 vols.