Sentence Examples with the word Barlow

De la Rive, Peter Barlow (1776-1862), William Ritchie (1 790-1837), William Sturgeon (1783-1850), and others; and Davy (Phil.

Now if Barlow all this time was not consecrated - and so far the only form of consecration known in England was according to the Roman rite - he would have incurred the penalties of praemunire, let alone the fact that Henry VIII.

We may further take for granted that Barlow was a bishop in the Catholic sense of thQ word.

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He wrote (1672-1684) a series of controversial letters against Pope Gregory VII.'s doctrine of papal supremacy over princes; a voluminous History of the Remonstrance (1674); Hibernica (1682), a worthless history of Ireland; in 1686 a reply to the Popery of Thomas Barlow (1607-1691), bishop of Lincoln; and other works.

PETER BARLOW (1776-1862), English writer on pure and applied mathematics, was born at Norwich in 1776 and died on the 1st of March 1862.

In 1533, accompanied Bishop Barlow on his embassy to Scotland in 1535, and was made prior of St Oswald's at Nostell near Pontefract.

In 1824 Professor Peter Barlow (1776-1862) introduced his correcting plate of soft iron.

Sir George Barlow and Lord Minto had remonstrated in vain, and nothing was left to Lord Moira but to take up arms. The campaign of 1814 was little short of disastrous.

Herschel, Peter Barlow and others, but did not receive a final explanation until after the discovery of electromagnetic induction by Faraday in 1831.

The official account (untrustworthy in details) is the True and Perfect Relation of the Whole Proceedings against the late most Barbarous Traitors (1606), reprinted by Bishop Barlow of Lincoln as The Gunpowder Treason (1679).