Sentence Examples with the word Bari

The inhabitants of Bari organized an expedition, seized his remains by means of a ruse, and transported them to Bari, where they were received in triumph on the qth of May 1087, and where the foundations were laid of a new basilica in his honour.

By those of Bari and Lecce, E.

Of the town of Bari by steam tramway, and 6 m.

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ANTIVARI (Montenegrin Bar, so called by the Venetians from its position opposite Bari in Italy), a seaport of Montenegro which until 1878 belonged to Turkey.

The Bari warriors have been much recruited for the Egyptian army and were formerly used as slave-hunters by the Arab traders.

Johnston to be the original and purest type of the great Masai people, and are assimilated to the Nilotic negro races in customs. Like their neighbours the Bari and Shilluk tribes, they despise clothing, though the important chiefs have adopted Arab attire.

Syracuse was lost, but Bari was won back and those parts of Calabria which had been occupied by the Saracens.

Nicola di Bari (Bari, 1901); Charles Cahier, Caracteristiques des saints (Paris, 186 7), p. 354; Frances ArnoldForster, Studies in Church Dedications (London, 1899), i.

Its present designation was bestowed upon it in memory of Bari in Italy (where she was born) by Bona Sforza, the consort of Sigismund I.

That it had been already so granted is proved by a miniature containing the earliest extant representations of a mitre, in the Exultete rotula and baptismal rotula at Bari (reproduced in Berteaux, L' Art dans l'Italie meridionale, I., Paris, 1904).