Sentence Examples with the word Bargained

The egoism of Cond, who got himself made lieutenant-general of the kingdom, and bargained for freedom of worship for the Protestant nobility only, compTomised the future of both hi1 church and his party, though rendering possible the peace of AInboise,, concluded the iqth.

You bargained for your life and pain.

I bet that fox thought this old hen was more than he bargained for.

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Three weeks ago, he.d bargained his soul in exchange for her taking Rhyn off her list of those to be made dead-dead.

As for Ferdinand, the emperor, on hearing the news of a rising in Madrid on the 2nd of May, overwhelmed him with threats, until he resigned the crown into the hands of his father, who had already bargained it away to Napoleon in return for a pension (5th of May 1808).

Darkyn had bargained with Gabriel for Harmony, and Past-Death just sealed the deal for her soul.

Where a man bargained and sold his land to another for pecuniary consideration, which might be merely nominal, and need not necessarily be actually paid, equity held the bargainor to be seised of the land to the use of the bargainee.

When I originally entered Tiyan, we bargained the terms of my stay.

He disclaimed any intention to invade, subjugate or oppress 1 Without Lincoln's knowledge or consent, the managers of his candidacy before the convention bargained for Cameron's votes by promising to Cameron a place in Lincoln's cabinet, should Lincoln be elected.