Sentence Examples with the word Bard

The second cycle contains the epics of Finn (Fionn, Fingal) mac Cumhail, and his son Oisin (Ossian), the bard and warrior, chiefly known from the supposed Ossianic poems of Macpherson.

The chief Irish measure of 1899 was an Agricultural and Technical Instruction Act, which established a new department (see the section Economics above) with the chief secretary at its head and an elaborate system Bard of of local committees.

The Bard of the Dimbovitza was first published in 1891, and was soon reissued and expanded.

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He was the national bard of justice, humanity and reform, whose voice went up as a trumpet until the victory was won.

As each bard of each bardic family celebrates his favourite god he is apt to make him for the moment the pre-eminent deity of all.

TAILLEFER, the surname of a bard and warrior of the 1 i th century, whose exact name and place of birth are unknown.

The bard will exaggerate or distort his story.

On the west side of the Bard is the Orkney Man's Cave - a great cavern with fine stalactites and a remarkable echo.

On the other hand, the Welsh bard Aneurin states that Stonehenge existed before the time of Aurelius, whose title of Ambrosius may, as suggested by Davies, have been derived from Stonehenge.

The genuineness of these so-called translations from the works of a 3rd-century bard was immediately challenged in England, and Dr Johnson, after some local investigation, asserted (Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland, 1775) that Macpherson had only found fragments of ancient poems and stories, which he had woven into a romance of his own composition.