Sentence Examples with the word Barbados

Davis, The Cavaliers and Roundheads of Barbados (1887); J.

But perhaps the ablest statesman that this American-Negro republic has as yet produced is a pureblooded negro - President Arthur Barclay, a native of Barbados in the West Indies, who came to Liberia with his parents in the middle of the 19th century, and received all his education there.

As early as 1671 George Fox when in Barbados counselled kind treatment of slaves and ultimate liberation of them.

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The levy of ship money and customs by Charles sinks into insignificance beside Cromwell's wholesale taxation by ordinances; the inquisitional methods of the major-generals and the unjust and exceptional taxation of royalists outdid the scandals of the extra-legal courts of the Stuarts; the shipment of British subjects by Cromwell as slaves to Barbados has no parallel in the Stuart administration; while the prying into morals, the encouragement of informers, the attempt to make the people religious by force, were the counterpart of the Laudian system, and Cromwell's drastic treatment of the Irish exceeded anything dreamed of by Strafford.